Web-site development

There are very few companies who have no website of their own. High-quality website is a powerful marketing tool to aid:
Quick search of basic information about goods or services in the internet.
Getting detailed data on product and making correct purchase decision considering information from website.

Company image

Good website helps improve company image and it's brand awareness in the market. This leads to customer confidence and loyalty with company and it's goods and services.

Such effect can be achieved by populating website with image-building information: company mission and values description, it's management board, technologies and innovations in use, publishing company news, etc.

Another important component of website development is high quality of used graphic material - art-design of the website.

Usually customer believes that brand awareness in the market and as a result sales improvement can be achieved simply by creating a website.

Such wrong considerations lead to inefficient spending of marketing funds because expenses are relatively the same for a good-selling website as well as for site that only appears to be a good-looking and not cost-effective image but achieved results (conversion improvement) can vary dramatically.
Our approach consists in developing a website as an effective and working sales instrument.

Our professionals will analyse customer's business and competitor websites, clarify goals customer wants to achieve by creating a website. According to research results we will propose appropriate website structure and create art-design.

We will adjust or compose materials to populate the website. When needed we can do optimisations and recommend measures to promote site's position in search engine systems.

The process and cost

When creating websites we use (when needed) either Joomla CMS (free) or the latest version of '1C-bitrix' (commercial) that allow user having no skills in site building to add and edit information on the website by means of administrative interface.
After the website has been created we move it to reliable hosting-provider's server, configure required web-analytics and administrative tools, consult how to run and maintain it in accordance to required reliability and fault-tolerance.
Average price of website development by our company varies between 50 000 and 200 000 rubles depending on volumes of published information and graphical materials used.

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