Realty agency database

  • Reakty agency business process automation
  • Powerful analytics reports
  • Flexible object fields configuration
  • Custom templates engine for presentations
  • Complex filters and search
  • Contract and financial data management and generation
  • Object display on Interactive map
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Russia's theatrical distribution database and it's interface

  • Movie release schedule
  • Film theatrical box-office
  • Automated reports
  • Automated tools set
  • Box-office forecasts
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Management company funds allocation system

  • Planned and real figures management
  • Reports
  • Checksum verification and deviation detection
  • Spreadsheet reports generation
  • Project-based accounting
  • Tasks and reminders
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Multilevel marketing company reward calculation system

  • Agent registration and authorisation
  • Deal and payment accounting
  • Agent reward calculation
  • Individual and collective sales accounting
  • Agent subordination management
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Judo competition registration system

  • Competitor database
  • Participant check-in
  • Media check-in
  • Licence request and fee payment
  • Logistics support
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Advertisement agency corporate information system (ERP)

  • BPM-based company project management automation
  • Document flow and financial reports automation
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Trade company automation system

  • Acquisition and sale process automation
  • Sold commodities reserve
  • One-document price update
  • Delivery schedule and cost automated calculation
  • Warehouse management and logistics
  • User notifications system
  • Reports (financial, logistics, warehouse)
  • Role-based data access model
  • Online warehouse and offer display
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