We offer integrated commerce automation solutions based on combined operation of two mutual-complementing systems:

'1C-bitrix' web-store

Manage your e-store as a shop window and customer meeting point where he can place an order, perform payment as well as get up-to-date information on order, payment and delivery status.

Product functionality

'1C-bitrix. Website management' cms-based web-store is a great solution for small, medium-sized and large merchant. The system provides variety of tools for instant e-commerce automation.

Basic out-of-the-box implementation
provides the following functionality

  • goods catalog;
  • cash register integration;
  • shopping cart;
  • buyer's back-office;
  • order management (by buyer himself and by company manager)
  • responsive design to fit any device: desktop, tablet, mobile phone
  • various delivery types

'1C-Bitrix' web-store allows to easily manage goods catalog: add and edit items with prices, arrange promotion campaign, manage photos, change item's description, assign additional properties and specs.

Buy '1C-bitrix' e-shop and get fully-functional e-commerce platform in short term. In common case it is all you need to launch your project instantly.

Generally it is wise to redesign the web-shop's default layout template to match your company's brand style. You can order web-shop's design in accordance with your company's brand style as well as brand new art composition.

automation system

The system supports goods catalog management, warehouse and administrative accounting, customers' order management and commodity acquisition from suppliers, warehouse logistics, marketing policies, planning and more.

Product functionality

'1C-trade-management 8' is a modern tool which boosts merchant business productivity.

'1C-trade-management' provides integrated automation of administrative accounting, analysis and planning of trading operations thus making it possible to manage a modern enterprise.

The figure below illustrates subject area of automation with '1C-trade-management 8'

'1C-trade-management 8'
automates following business directions:

  • customer relation management;
  • sales management;
  • stock management;
  • acquisition management;
  • warehouse management;
  • finance management;
  • watch and analysis of enterprise's key indicators.

While implementing automation project we not only perform art-design works and web-shop deployment but also we provide web-shop integration with '1C-trade-management 8'

The most basic integration variant allows to exchange following data:

  • '1C-trade-management 8' exports stock-list of goods and prices to the web-shop application;
  • '1C-trade-management 8' imports orders data from e-store for future management (stock reservation, shipping, payment);
  • '1C-trade-management 8' exports data on order status change, payment and shipment documents.

Data exchange can be initiated in manual as well as in automatic scheduled mode.

Besides the abovementioned basic exchange setup we can arrange additional cases. For example payments can be accepted by third-party payment aggregator and then processed by your web-store and sent to '1C-trade-management 8' while at the same time bank payments and cash-register payments can be accepted by '1C-trade-management 8' directly and then uploaded into web-store application's database.

A full-fledged automated trading system is created, as a result of the online store integration with the '1C-trade-management 8'. It combines advanced Internet trading technologies with possibilities of the warehouse, financial and commodity accounting system implemented in 1C products.

Usage of exchange module supplied by '1C-bitrix' company assures seamless and reliable flow of the data-exchange. Your online store will always display up-to-date information on goods offer and stock, the buyer will be informed in time about payment and shipment, managers can quickly set reserve and perform acquisition of missing goods.

You can check our online demos to learn more about web-store integration with '1C-trade-management 8'.

We will provide you with login and password to access '1C-trade-management 8' upon request. Please fill the form in the bottom of this page.

Web-store '1C-trade-management 8'

Basic web-store edition pricing

Below are the quotes of web-store basic edition and '1C-trade-management 8' setup.

We provide our customers with consultation on mentioned software functionality as well as other topics related to business automation (barcode reader setup, online cash registers and other accounting equipment).

Web-store's cost consists of site's art-design and development costs and '1C-bitrix. Website management. Small business' software licence price. If you need to integrate your web-store with '1C-trade-management 8' we will charge additional costs for integration services and you'll have to buy '1C-Enterprise 8. Trade-management 8' software licence.

Software and services approximate quotes*:

Art-design (desktop version) and online store setup119 900 rubles.**
Art-design (responsive version) and online store setup134 900 rubles.**
Online store integration with '1C-trade-management'9 900 rubles.
Software licence '1C-bitrix. Website management. Small business'35 900 rubles.
Software licence '1C-Enterprise 8. Trade-management 8' + '1C-bitrix. Website management. Small business'48 365 rubles.

* not a public offer

** Services included: web-store art-design, home page (banner, site search, catalog menu, top sales, static pages menu, feedback form, recent news, goods catalog (goods list page, catalog menu, catalog property filter, product details page), personal back office (customer's personal info, orders history, shopping cart, social services integrated authorisation, order check-out), news block (news feed, news item detailed page, visual text editor), additional services (deployment to web-host, site domain configuration, email-notifications), payment service integration.