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IT systems for business

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Since 2014 our company develops, incorporates and supports corporate automation and IT systems that boost business productivity and cut down expenses
We develop unique software that automates manual operations in complex enterprise sectors for which there is no common solution in the market.

We can also maintain and improve software produced by another developer.


We possess rich experience and verified knowledge in web-application development. Any goal is reachable for us because we take it as interesting task.


High level of expertise in web-development tools and their derivatives makes it possible for us to build and refine software of any complexity.


We are not just programmers. Our rich experience in business allows us to consider customer's profit, propose most effective solutions and bring valuable benefits.


We offer scientific attitude and bleeding edge software development methodology Agile which allows to get working system instance as soon as possible


Using CASE tools we make sure that our software exactly meets customer's needs and requirements.


Client is provided with software product which has passed automated as well as manual testing stage. We assure reliability and operability of our products.


Prior to running software we conduct estimated load calculation and arrange hardware platform according to received data.


While incorporating software we arrange required education for users. We also provide technical and organizing support all through product's life cycle.


Our billing is transparent. We describe the project first then consider and negotiate product's functionality, development term and cost with customer.

Our team's main task is to develop unique high quality software in short time taking into account any individual automation aspects of particular enterprise.

As an extra service we consult on acquisition, incorporation and integration of accounting, document flow, trading, warehouse management, CRM and ERP systems.
Our company also performs development of such software kinds as corporate portals, e-shops, Также наша компания оказывает услуги по разработке таких продуктов, как корпоративные порталы, интернет-магазины, corporate websites, portal and website fragments that require coding.

We assure high quality of produced software, it's reliability and security.

We provide technical support of our systems and consult customer's personnel on operating software complex all through guarantee period